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Its coming up!  Whoever gets a screen cap of 3000 I will draw you a sketch!

Keep your eyes open!
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Spring break is coming up, boy am I ready for a break.  I think I tend to get a little freaky tense around thursday and dead on Friday.  My class seems infested with the poor planners or easily distracted, I am not sure which as several of them consistantly stay up to all hours of the night to finish their homework.  I don't know how that is going to help them when it comes to final film.  Poor guys.

So far my favourite things to animate have been a walk cycle.  I did two, a stompy walk for Merlin and a skip for Kitty.  I only finished Kitty as I had to do a lot of volume work for Merlin but I think the impression was pretty good.  We've now moved on to a four legged walk cycle, more fun I am sure.

What I really hope is that I'll get to just not work over spring break, or at least just work on my own stuff (PAINTINGS) but I am not sure how likely that will be.  Either way I am coming back to CALGARY for that, so any of you guys want to hang out tell me!
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In bed, 8 floors up, in downtown Vancouver.  Not very much of a partier I fear, and a bit tired as well.  I was able to hear the fireworks from here though I could not see them, I shall pretend the lights on the hospital are a good enough substitute.

So we are in Vancouver now, Kristin and I, and installed in the apartment that shall be our home for the next 12 months.  Its a good size for two, but I fear the floor has the worst installed laminate hardwood I have ever seen.  In my room there are massive gaps int he floor.  Not cool.

And what is a kitchen without a collander?  And mixing bowls?  And a /drain tray/? A crap kitchen, thats what.  Maybe I am just slightly odd, but I can't be that insane can I?  I like to bake and cook and make things from scratch.  I like a kitchen to work, I hope I am not terribly spoiled or something, from living at home where my parent's kitchen is so big and lovely.  Sigh.  This one is a galley style kitchen and its alright but having three boys be the previous tennants it is somewhat lacking in useful kitchenware.

We have lots of food though, thats always good.  I like to be well stocked with many many things so I can make what I like.  ^^ Does make it interesting to find a place to put it all though.

My parents arrived today as well and brought me the rest of my stuff, like my computer.  Poor George was cold though so we don't want to turn him on till tomorrow.  I look forward to it, I have missed painting.  Of course we also have to set up the scanner and say hello to the printer and organize all the cables . . . gosh that sounds like more work.

And we need a lamp, because having lights on the ceiling does not seem to have occured to the designers of this apartment. How very very odd.

I wish you all a happy new year. ^^
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You would think that if I hate my job it is because I am overworked, or because people are mean.

I am not overworked, the store would have to be far far more busy for that to happen.  And my coworkers are super nice.

The owners, however, oh the owners.

For those of you who are unaware, I work at an art supply store, and it drives me nuts.  For the last couple months the owners have been telling us about this canvas that they've ordered that is super cheap.  They only order it once a year and it sells out in no time.

Cheap canvas.  From China.  As if the fact that it is from China is a selling point instead of a reason to be horrified.  Its not like China has been the news lately because of product recalls and the eternally bad working conditions.  Oh no.

They want us to sell this canvas, to push it on people.  He asked what we thought of the canvas.  Its poor quality, the wood is light, the texture is poor, it just looks cheap.  And it is immoral.  Which I told him.  His response was that they donate to charity.

Its as if he thinks goodness and morality and ethics is a point system.  If you do a bad thing (supporting chinese sweatshops) it is ok, because you donated to a charity that supports orphaned children (who then grow up to work in sweatshops . . .).  And that at least they have jobs, right?  A job working in inhumane conditions, where they are paid a pittance and there are no laws to protect them.

I mean seriously, China is well known for violating human rights.  But none of that really matters because hey, we got cheap canvas.  SELL SELL SELL.

I will not sell this canvas.  I will not be a part of this.  I will tell people not to buy it.  Who gives a fuck?  I'm not working there much longer anyway.

We have plenty of nice canvas.  It is made in a little town in Quebec.  Its well made--and its from Quebec, and you can bet the French don't put up with shit working conditions.

So fuck you, boss man.  I /won't/ see you in hell.
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You've been tagged. If you have a couple moments of boredom in the next little while....

The rules:
#1 post these rules
#2 each person tagged must post 8 random and facts about themselves
#3 tags should write a journal of these facts
#4 at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
#5 go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1. I find noses really interesting.

2. I roleplay in the internet.

3. I hate Swiffer, Ziplock Zip and Steam, Dixie cups and every other bullshit displosable solution they advertize as a time saving solution to kill the planet faster.  Don't have time?  Make more garbage!

4. I knit, bake, cook and if I liked sewing or cleaning better I'd be a 50's housewife.

5. I can't drive.  I don't really want to.  If possible I want to live in a city with good transit and just take the bus /all the time/.  The environmentalist in me celebrates this.

6. I find the ability to paint and draw almost as sexy as intelligence.  Almost.

7. I yell at the TV (or radio) when the commercials offend me.

8.  My formerly bulemic cousin is pregnant.
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Yes I am the worst updater.  SUE ME.

Right so I had the SUPEREST weekend since I managed to strain my neck last week and just about wanted to die on Friday.  Pain bad, drugs good.

But in other news Kristin and I are indeed going to VFS come January which means we have to move to Vancouver for at least a year--and hopefully find employment there after.  I'm super excited though I feel like I ought to practice animation only to remember I am a bit clueless about that.  But I have been drawing, if not finishing a lot of stuff, but animal sketches are more fun that way.  I should finish some stuff though and sent it to children's publishers.

Mostly though I vary between worrying about money and where to live.  VFS is very expensive and I've never lived away from home before.  Ah, I'm such a big baby.

Though one of my Vancouver friends says I can live with him but that would mean abandoning Kristin and I can't very well do that can I?

After school I found it so hard to do ANYTHING.  I finally want to paint and draw again, which is good, but I've still got a lot to work on.

Kristin and I applied for scholarships to VFS for a term starting in January in classical animation (since it sounded more appealing than 3D animation).  I'm still waiting to hear back since I had just about the worst time submitting things.  Of course it would mean a lot of money to do that, but it would be in Vancouver where there is so much animation and gaming opprotunity.  We'll see.
Said chicken little.

No really, its the homestretch now, with less than two months to the portfolio show and school being over and being well . . . done.  Unless I hit myself too hard on the end and decide that some other supplimentary degree is in order. I am feeling a bit better about the whole thing.  I am a little worried about how the portfolio will turn out, considering the rather constrasting styles of the work I do in illustrator/photoshop/traditional.  I mean how will it look all put together?  Is it better to have the variety or will I be taking away from one or more technique to have them contrast?

What do you guys think?
Last few months of art school!  I really don't know how I got to this point.  I am dreadfully worried about it being over and yet I am really enjoying the school part of it.  Sigh.  I just don't think I've grown up enough some days.

Also I can't draw /buildings/ which really would be useful for some of these projects I have to do this term.  Poop.