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Do you know Astra?  Well she and I have been exchanging comments on DA for years now and through that I have come to know that she is writing a story and she is sending it to print!  If you are interested in learning more about it, or even supporting it/sending out the word check out the link below :p
Draw 'Em With the Pointy End - Kickstarter LIVE! by fictograph 
Draw 'Em with the Pointy End</a> is a collaborative art book project in celebration of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire! 
Help us get the book funded through Kickstarter</a> and get your hands on not just the book (which is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS btw) But stickers, pendant necklaces, custom commissions, a wallpaper, a poster, a tote bag, a t-shirt and more depending on which tier you choose!

Just in time for the hype of HBO's Game of Thrones: Season 5, the project, which was lovingly organized and directed by fictograph, features work from over 100 artists from across the world. The variety of art styles, perspectives and characters they've brought together have helped to make this an incredibly unique project. Don't believe me? Here's a peek at just a handful of the pieces you'll find in the book!

Oathkeeper by aqueous-transmission by :iconaqueous-transmission: the anchor, the sea by mayakern by :iconmayakern:
Ygritte by jeffreylai by :iconjeffreylai: My Sun and Stars (I Miss You) by cypritree by :iconcypritree:
:thumb520699210: by :iconalexandravo: King In The North by allytha by :iconallytha:
:thumb520716978: by :iconkassarie: GoT artbook Draw Em With the Pointy End by Dahia by :icondahia:
Joffrey by Alicechan by :iconalicechan: the Red Priestess by kiikii-sempai by :iconkiikii-sempai:
Bog Children by nilaffle by :iconnilaffle: Valar Dohaeris by Maseiya by :iconmaseiya:
GoT Artbook - Little Bird by Achen089 by :iconachen089: Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon by AbelPhee by :iconabelphee:
The Sun by herringbonnes and The Moon by herringbonnes by :iconherringbonnes:
for the night is dark and full of terrors by retromortis by :iconretromortis: Queen Takes King by sketchtastrophe by :iconsketchtastrophe:
:thumb520884740: And finally a preview of the finished piece from :iconjustjingles:

And if that didn't convince you here are a few other artists with pieces in the book!
:iconkoloromuj: :iconvincelee: :iconneomonki: :icontobiee: :iconkathrynlayno: :iconbleuphoria: and of course :iconfictograph: who's worked her butt off to put this thing of beauty together! So please pay her some love!! <3

You can follow the project though these sites as well!…

We'd absolutely love it if you could support this project, we've grown a little worried that we aren't quite where we expected to be at this point and that we're trending towards an unsuccessful campaign. So much love and work have gone into this project, we'd be devastated if is wasn't a success! Please, please consider funding it if you can (you can score a digital copy of the book for just $5!) and if you can't perhaps you can help us spread the word! Thank you so much!!

I will upload the pieces I did very soon so you can see my contribution :)
Been awhile, hasn't it?  Anyway, for those of you are interested!

SKETCHES $25 (per character) :……

INK $40 (per character) :……

WATERCOLOR $60 (per character) :……


Shipping is free.

Email me at or send me a note.
I have a tumblr! Very exciting news, and, well frankly the rate at which I update my journal here is terrible but I've never been much of a journalist.  I know I'm supposed to be an engaging person but then I go off and think to myself about things and forget to do it.  Work has taken up a great deal of my life, which I think has been obvious from my lack of posting any art but I have been trying to get into doing my own stuff. So it is not that I am not producing just not for here, though if I can I will try to show some of the things I do for other people.

Oh yes, and of course, my tumblr  which is currently a bit infested with writery stuff for nanowrimo but rest assured I do post art (some of it I don't even post here, or haven't yet).  Feel free to follow me!
So as shocking as we living in the digital era may find it, I do actually work largely traditionally for my own work (at work I do a lot of my work digitally oddly enough).  That means for personal work it has physical presence and at the moment you can go see it (if you are in Calgary) at Central Blends located at 203 19 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB
For those of you who have never been there it is a cute little coffee shop with great coffee.  It is open weekdays from 7am- 6pm and on Saturday 8am-5pm.  I am pretty sure it is open Sundays but the internet does not tell me this and I'm obviously as digitally hindered as the rest of you.  However, I think everything looks better in real media and framed so you should go check it out if you have the time.
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I was tagged by that hoar :iconmanamaraya: to do eight facts about one character . . . and apparently she wants to know about Iden.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.

1. Iden is the bastard son of a nobleman.  His mother was his father's favourite mistress and when she became pregnant and had a son he cared for Iden as he cared for his own legitimate heir.

2. Iden was educated in the finest style by his father, a gifted if someone irresponsible youth he was well liked at court and enjoyed a reputation of being quite clever.  He is a scholar and is capable with debating with the finest minds in the land.

3. When Iden's father died his half brother went against his father's wishes and cut Iden off entirely.  Being of the sort to enjoy a rather fine lifestyle the debts quickly piled up and Iden found himself scrounging for money.  He learned all too quickly how fast the opinions of society could change . . . and just what they'd pay you to keep things quiet.

4. Iden became a rogue out of necessity, a talent for picking locks that had been a bit of evening entertainment was suddenly a great deal more useful, not to mention the ability to scaling walls so that he might escape from bedroom windows.  Iden began his life as a courtesan at seventeen years old.

5. Iden 'acquired' his constant companion, Sigdis, after a confrontation with the lover of one of his paramours.  Generally careful about who he went home with, the woman was not inclined to be honest and Iden discovered her to be the mistress of a particularly influential and temperamental lord.  When Iden killed him (unintentionally) Sigdis became his property and they were forced to flee the city or be killed.  The man was the brother of the king.

6. Iden would have preferred the life of a scholar, staying to study at the university but such pursuits require money which he has little of.  He is extremely bitter of the livelihood denied him because of his brother's jealousy and often denies his own intelligence so as not to remind himself of what he lost.

7. Iden is very fond of Sigdis though he would never tell her.  She is the one constant in his life that has become nomadic since his exile from his home country.  He treats her deplorably but the truth of the matter is that he would never abandon her and they both contribute to their survival though Sigdis would, of course, complain of how Iden acquires their funds.

8. Iden wants to kill his half brother.  Not only did he cut off Iden but threw Iden's mother out to fend for herself as well, despite their father's promises to always care for her.  She was never a woman possessed of a strong constitution and she died some years ago.

I refuse to tag people.

Commission Info:…
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So I am thinking of getting a Cintiq and wanted to know what you guys thought about it, do I get the small one (12WX) or the big one (21UX)?  I've used one of the small ones once, and I've seen the big ones but I am just not sure which I would prefer.  Any of you have them?  What do you think?


Holiday Commissions:

It is the holiday season guys and everyone wants to get art, RIGHT?

So in the spirit of the season I am offering holiday commissions!

5x7 watercolor paintings for $35.00
Single character with background or two characters with very simple background.


9x12 watercolor paintings for  $80.00
(like the other ones but bigger)

5x7 acrylic ink on board for $65.00
Single character with background or two characters with very simple background.


9x12 acrylic ink on board for $140.00
2-3 characters with background


Just for the holidays: 10% off! (15% if you buy multiples) and free shipping (slow mail guys, if you want it sent faster that will cost you more)


Going to start with 5 slots.

1. :iconmanamaraya: Manamaraya (9x12 acrylic)- Turu and Averil (painting)
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It is the holiday season guys and everyone wants to get art, RIGHT?

So in the spirit of the season I am offering holiday commissions!

5x7 watercolor paintings for $35.00
Single character with background or two characters with very simple background.


9x12 watercolor paintings for  $80.00
(like the other ones but bigger)

5x7 acrylic ink on board for $65.00
Single character with background or two characters with very simple background.


9x12 acrylic ink on board for $140.00
2-3 characters with background


Just for the holidays: 10% off! (15% if you buy multiples) and free shipping (slow mail guys, if you want it sent faster that will cost you more)


Going to start with 5 slots.

1. :iconmanamaraya: Manamaraya (9x12 acrylic)- Turu and Averil
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THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL.  I will go through the comments soon.  Thank you for all the support on Mushrooms. ^^
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I have decided to offer commissions and on that note we are starting with a sale!

$10 commissions!  Get them while they are hot.

And because my parents don't look at my DevArt I feel safe in telling you I am going to put this money towards a present for my dad's 60th birthday.  Shh, no telling.  Now, was for what you can buy:

$10 Pencil crayon sketch/rendering.  Single character or 2 partial in one color.  Or if you like I will do multiple colors but I will only do be doing single characters in that case.  I will do full or partial figures, really depends on the level of detail you want in faces and such like.


$10 Photoshop color sketch.  Sketch drawing in pencil with colors in photoshop, minimal rendering. If I feel like it I might toss in a few background elements.  More complex backgrounds and multiple characters will incur an additional cost.


$10 Watercolor sketch. Sketch drawing in pencil and painted in watercolor.  I will do simple backgrounds.  Single characters or 2 partial.

Examples: (One of these panels would be a $10 sketch)…

$20 Illustrator work.  Single characters, full body.  Simple backgrounds only (though there are none shown in these examples.)  Additional characters will be $10.


If you are interested in some of the other media I work in (photoshop painting/acrylic inks/detailed watercolor paintings) please feel free to note me and we can discuss.

Here is how it will work: I will draw a rough idea of what you have requested, and when that is agreed upon and you have paid me then I will finish up the rendering in whatever medium you have requested.  Simple right?

I accept Paypal (or if you live close to me I will accept other methods of payment)

Please note me if you are interested!

First thing to do though, is a Kiriban for :iconsweetyuya: which I am going to do very soon!  Sorry I've been so busy this month!
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Go! Screen cap, babeeeez.
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I am so sad right now you guys, no one has entered this.  I won last time, if you didn't know, but I have got no entries for Shire and I know you all want to draw Shire so go draw SHIRE before I CRY.


Ok, thanks, I love you all.

PS: If you enter and win that means I will totally draw YOUR CHARACTER. THINK ABOUT IT.
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So I am thinking of offering commissions, so would like to gauge some interest.  So how about it, do you think it would be a good idea?

Please comment with your thoughts.
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Because I tagged myself on :iconin-tays-head: journal.

First 16 to comment on this journal requesting a slot will get 2 pieces from their gallery featured by me. I will choose the pieces I like best and post a little something about why I picked them.

In return, those Deviants featured will have to create their own 'Feature Journal' placing me in the first slot. Leading to a total of 17 Featured Deviants.

Firstly :iconin-tays-head:
Sexy mermen.  Cause I love sea creatures.…
Cute little tiny elf things! Who are not elves of course.…

1. Llourn
Cause this is creepy, I really enjoy the concept of this, these floating hands in the darkness.…
And hats off to one who has way more patience for detail than I do.…

2. chickenteeth
I love black and white art.…
Mmm, more ocean. I love the atmosphere of this . . . as it were . .…

3. Johannadeen
So sweet.  I am so bored of winged people that make no sense, these make more sense!…
I love looking through people's doodles, half the time they are the most interesting part.…

4. MindlessCreator
I love the spindly arms and life of these guys.…
I would like a floating island. Kthx.…

5. Shabello
Chibi Cammy will kick your ass!…
Colours and textures make me happy.…

6. Penguin-Enigma
Love the blues, sweet atmosphere.…
Have I ever told you, how much I love big horn sheep?…

7. Izuma
Look at all the action!…
Creepy and unique.…

8. Cacodaemonia
Otters are so wonderfully squishy.…
Crazy detail, so awesome.…

9. peguin-pirate
Such a sweet pair of rhinos.  Not that I would want to be anywhere close to them. ^^'…
Love the contrast.…

10. MaddCat
Poor sad girl.…;
What is the story here? Tell tell.…

11. Arista
Cute little darling. ^^…
Someone is gonna hurt real bad.…

12. CrypticManifestation
Epic pirate coat, whats not to love?
YOu talking to me, well are ya, punk?

13. toboeslovingwolf
Mermaid! More mermaids everywhere!…
This makes me happy.…
14. TheKittyGnome
Such pretty colours!…
Lol, awesome.…
15. FoxNede  
Neat! I love the purple and red here.…
He he he. This makes me smile.…
16. kaitoiscool  
Cute ghost girl!…
Lol, it is to laugh.…

That took awhile . . .

Next kiriban is 10 000.
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Feature 2 pieces each from:

1. FOUR artists of your choosing
optional: + an "established" artist/someone famous and not on DA, dead or alive. IE: Caravaggio, Mucha, Van Rijn. Link to their wikipedia entry or an image on google or something
2. The person who tagged you.
3. TWO of the artists they chose.
4. Whoever you are tagging.

1.I choose:




2. :iconsambees:……

3. :iconleaunoire:……


4. And I tag:




AND :iconshadeykris: anyway!

Oh yeah, and if you are READING THIS. HA.

PS. Kiriban still 10 000
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Those of you who know me know I like to bake and cook things.  Though Part of that might be because I fear I am allergic to a lot of stuff so actually eating processed food is difficult.  Bleh.  I need to see an allergist =.= fun times.  The one time I had to do a scratch test (in 8th grade after eating a bit of cookie someone gave me that had macadamia in it and having my throat nearly close such that I couldn't talk and threw up twice . . . yeah, we're lucky it was a SMALL piece of cookie), well it was unpleasant.  Watching our skin grow little bumps and being told 'don't scratch' that is fun, especially for someone who /already has ezcema/ and a problem for scratching anyway.

So yeah, I have been trying not to eat wheat, dairy and now chocolate, as foods known to bother people with ezcema.  There are some other foods on that list but haven't got to them yet.  I want to know for real though, just to make sure I am not wasting my time.

Also I think /soy/ was also on the list and if that is true WTF am I going to eat anyway? *starves*

Edit: Also, I wanted to say the next kiriban is 10 000.  Make it happen!
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Set your screen capture forrrrr . . . 5555

Whoever sends me the screen cap will get to suggest a theme for a picture.  Who will it be?

Yeah, that is pretty much all I wanted to say.
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Gacked from :iconcacodaemonia: and :iconmanamaraya:

"The story so far...
You've somehow acquired a magical dimension-splicing conversion van and are planning an epic cross-country road trip with your friends and fandom. First, pick ten travel buddies from anywhere - real life, fiction, OCs, celebrities, whatever. Then answer these questions to see how cracktastic your adventure turns out to be."

1. Kitty
2. Mrawh
3. Evadne
4. Nathaniel
5. Adventure Cat
6. Barrington
7. Merlin
8. Galahad
9. Kay
10. Kris :iconshadeykris:

1. The GPS has an obnoxious voice. What does 9 (Kay) name it, and is 7 (Merlin) bothered by it?
Kay calls it the Stupid Computer, and Merlin points out that the computer is still smarter than Kay is and that if she had a choice she'd rather keep the computer.

2. 8 (Galahad), 4 (Nathaniel), 6 (Barrington), and 1 (Kitty) are all forced to share the cramped back row of seats. How do they arrange themselves?
Galahad takes up 3/4 the back seat as he is very large, especially in the shoulder area and sticks his head out the window.  Kitty is on his lap, and Barrington is on his head.  Nathaniel is squished in the corner, but doesn't complain cause he doesn't do that sort of thing.

3. 5 (Adventure Cat) & 10 (Kris) are sitting next to each other. Who gets the window seat?
Adventure cat gets the window, and Kris is leaning away, as she is v. allergic to cats.

4. 3 (Evadne) & 4 (Nathaniel) are invading each other's personal space. Who gets annoyed first & how do they deal with it?
Eva punches him cause Nathaniel is smelling her hair and she says it is creepy.  He doesn't understand why.

5. What habit does 8 (Galahad) have that might get on 2 (Mrawh)'s nerves?
Everything gets on Mrawh's nerves.

What happened to six?

7. Would you trust 9 (Kay) or 10 (Kris) to get behind the wheel for a while?
OMG, maybe if Kris could drive?  But she can't.  Kay is supposed to be a pilot, but she is a hotshot who gets in trouble alot.  So she'd probably do ok, but EVERYONE WOULD BE PEEING THEMSELVES.

8. You stop at a gas station and 5 (Adventure Cat) & 3 (Evadne) make a snack-and-supply run. What do they bring back?
Adventure Cat brings pancakes.  Eva gets a latte.  Just one though, for herself.

9. 6 (Barrington) and 8 (Galahad) brought CD's. What's on their playlist?
Classical and . . . Metallica.

10. Who's the more notorious backseat driver, 2 (Mrawh) or 10 (Kris)?
Mrawh, only, no one knows what he is saying.
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But not mine, oh, you were excited there for a moment.  No, here is the film of my roomie :iconshadeykris:, who is awesome too.  Also I coloured some of this and provided (VERY SUPPORTIVE) comments during production.  For real, I am helpful.

So go check it out!…
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So I am amazed, a DD!  Of course at first I thought, /someone is spamming me/ and then I was looking around 'what is going on?' a DD! So exciting.  It makes me feel a bit better as I have had a bad day the other day.

I cut my thumb on a tin can, but this is not the bad part.  The bad part is that I get whoozy at the sight of my own blood, so I sat down for a bit, and instinctively sucked on the thumb to prevent the blood from getting anywhere.  As soon as I felt steadier I got up to go wash it and get a bandaid.  So I was washing it, and it hurt of course, and then I WOKE UP ON THE FLOOR with Kris kneeling in front of me, and she swore cause I /fell on my face/ and my teeth were chipped and there was blood of course.  Yes, I fainted, who faints?  I do.  It is not like I get hysterical at the sight of blood but I do faint, I have scared nurses before, I am not allowed to sit up, I have to lay down--I do not faint that way.

So yeah, we went to the ER to see about my chipped loose teeth (thankfully we live across the street from a hospital).  But they couldn't do anything, they are not dentists after all, so they sent us home.

I went to a dentist yesterday and opted not to do anything immediately as I am still sore but I guess I need to get crowns cause they last longer than caps.


At least I am still covered under my mom's insurance for the next six months, I doubt it will pay for everything but better than having to pay for it all.  Crowns are not cheap!
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